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September 7 is International Duchenne Myodystrophy Awareness Day. It is a rare genetic disease that affects boys. According to recent data, one in 5,000 boys is born with Duchenne myodystrophy.

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The disease is related to a disruption in the body's synthesis of dystrophin, a protein that is needed to protect our muscles. This gene is made up of 79 pieces - exons (which is why 7/9, that is, September 7 marks the international day of dissemination of information about this disease).

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Any of the following signs have to be stated directly to your community emergency facility if you occurred to take way too much of Plaquenil, as they can be dangerous and require medical aid: reduction of hunger, lightheadedness, fainting, weak point, dizziness, supplanting your ears, and complication.

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Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) could be used for liquid recognition procedure, especially in individuals with heart disease, liver condition, or a kidney disorder.

Without protection, muscles die on a daily basis, and over time a person simply has no strength left to move.